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Entertainment Law

Entertainment law spans across many various forms of media including film, television, music, theater, and social media/analyticals.


Most of the work performed by attorneys who practice entertainment law is transactional. This typically involves the attorney acting on behalf of the actor, musician, or entertainer to prepare, review, and negotiate contracts.

Deal Shopping

For artists, having an attorney available can make all the difference when signing a record deal. Simon Rosen assists artist with:

  • Preparation of EPKs and Shopping Packages

  • Hook-ups with industry contracts

  • Preparing ground work to enable deal shopping (Ex. bolstering analytics, teaster reels, packages, sound exchange, BMI/ASCAP/SESAC, Social Media, etc.)

Trademarks and Copyrights

In the entertainment industry, it is important to protect your brand. Simon helps protects his client’s brands by completely handling the preparation and filing of trademarks and copyrights.

Entertainment Business

Despite having a background in law, Simon is also well versed with the business side of entertainment. Provided on an “as-needed” basis, Simon will assists his clients with business matters involving entertainment.

Executive Production

Among Simon Rosen’s many skills, his ability to fill the role of an executive producer has proven to be extremely valuable to his clients. Acting as an executive producer, Simon has been able to assists his clients with obtaining financing, preparing and negotiating financing agreements, coordinating all aspects of production, and litigation

Entertainment Law Agreements

The entertainment industry contains many different types of agreements. Depending on the type of media, agreements can vary drastically and keeping track of every little nuance in each agreement can be a daunting task for an upcoming artist. Here are the various types of agreements Simon Rosen can help you prepare and negotiate broken down by each media channel.

Music Recording
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