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Simon Rosen, Esq. has been practicing law in Philadelphia, PA for almost 40 years. His law practice is comprised of LITIGATION, ENTERTAINMENT, GENERAL CIVIL & CRIMINAL PRACTICE. Since the 1980’s through the present, Attorney Rosen has represented, and continues to represent, people and companies throughout the United States and the world in the entertainment business. Attorney Rosen is also well-experienced in litigation, and can represent you whether you are the plaintiff, or whether you have been sued and are a named defendant in a civil or criminal matter. Attorney Rosen’s goal is to satisfy his client’s needs.

Simon J. Rosen

Founder, Managing Attorney

SR headshot

Office: 215.564.0212

Fax: 215.893.3900

Twitter: @simonrosensez

Instagram: @simondiamondsez

LinkedIn: Simon Rosen

  • California Western School of Law (J.D., 1983)

  • University of Denver (B.A., 1979)

Born and raised in the Bronx, N.Y. in 1958, Simon Rosen was inspired by his parents to excel in life. His parents could not afford to go to college or postgraduate school, and becoming a lawyer was the realization of his parents’ dreams. Courtroom action and entertainment were two early passions, and in 1983 Simon’s career quickly shot into action. Upon graduating law school in San Diego, CA and passing the Bar, Simon spent his days in Court, working for a law firm and learning the sweet science of litigation. At nights, Simon wandered nightclubs, venues, rehearsal studios and recording studios, learning the art of recording music, promoting music, and the ins-and-outs of the entertainment business. Studying the music business spilled out naturally into television, film, and theatre.  


Fast forward nearly 40 years. Simon’s law practice is bustling with both entertainment and litigation matters. Professional guidance and advice, reviewing and negotiating agreements, dealmaking, handling copyrights and trademarks, preparing NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) etc. provide a full slate- never a boring day or idle time. The steady courtroom action, coupled with the entertainment work, assures a week full of adrenaline rushes.


Over the past few years, Simon has seen his clients shoot to #1 on the Billboard chart, enter into deals that act to fulfill lifelong dreams, and bring lawsuits aimed at rectifying clients’ stolen proprietary rights. The key to success is always hard work, perseverance, persistence, and a positive attitude. Never give up and keep pushing forward!


Despite surpassing the age of 60, Simon is unfazed – the roar of the greasepaint, smell of the crowd, and the enormity of each job at hand provides inspiration, and fuels his great passion, energy, and enthusiasm. He will continue on so long as he is physically and mentally able to do so – for decades to come. Simon recognizes that with aging comes one great benefit: added wisdom and knowledge. Now in his 40th year on the job, Simon is wiser and smarter than ever. This too, acts to keep him on his grind.

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